5 Things You May Not Know About Buying Vail Golf Course Luxury Real Estate

5 Things You May Not Know About Buying Vail Golf Course Luxury Real Estate
Vail, located in beautiful Eagle County, is a charming mountain community known for its stunning beauty. While it has gained international acclaim as a top-tier skiing destination, it is equally renowned for various summertime activities catering to outdoor enthusiasts. Vail promises endless recreational opportunities, from exhilarating hikes to thrilling biking trails, peaceful fishing spots, exciting kayaking adventures, and more. This has made it a sought-after location for those looking to invest in second homes and vacation properties.

The town has a population of 4,581 full-time residents, with roughly the same number of part-time residents who frequent the area. The allure of Vail lies in its expansive open space, complemented by the vast 350,000 acres of surrounding national forest, perfect for leisurely strolls, invigorating bike rides, hiking, biking, and even off-highway vehicle (OHV) exploration opportunities.

One of the many highlights of Vail is the impressive selection of renowned golf courses. Many top architects, like Arnold Palmer and Tom Fazio, have used the perfect landscape of Vail to design stunning yet challenging courses. You’ll find public, private, and semi-private courses throughout the area, providing variety for players of all skill levels and extra incentives to purchase real estate.

Some of the state's most prestigious golf courses are situated in locations traditionally associated with skiing. These courses are accompanied by luxury housing communities adjacent to them. In fact, one of Vail’s most desirable communities — the Vail Golf Course neighborhood — is right on Vail Golf Club, which promises a scenic golfing experience surrounded by the stunning peaks of the Gore Mountain Range.

If this sounds like the perfect fit, it’s essential to be prepared, as specific factors deserve careful consideration regarding Vail Golf Course real estate. Here are several specifics you need to consider.

Golf season is sometimes unpredictable

In Colorado, the golf season is generally short and can be unpredictable. Course operators aim to open their courses by Memorial Day and keep them running until October, a particularly beautiful month for mountain golf. However, several factors come into play that determine the duration of the season. In certain areas of the Vail Valley, the positioning of a golf course in relation to sunlight can impact the length of its operational season.

Top amenities of the community

The Vail Golf Club offers a second-to-none golfing experience, contributing to the incredible allure of the Vail Golf Course real estate market. With a stunning 18-hole, par 71 course and the picturesque scenery of the Gore Mountain Range and Gore Creek as a backdrop, this is a golf game you won’t soon forget. Other amenities of the club include a full-service pro shop, a driving range, a golf swing analysis space, a Nordic clubhouse, and the newly opening Grill on the Gore restaurant. The Vail Golf Club also hosts adult leagues, social festivities, junior lessons, youth summer camps, and tournaments to show off your skills.

You’ll recover your investment during the winter

Interestingly, homeowners who purchase properties in ski country and are avid golfers are more likely to recoup their investment during the winter season compared to skiers who buy homes in the same areas. A significant amount of rental revenue is generated during the busier winter months, which is notable for those who aren’t looking to stay year-round.

Notably, golf course homes in these areas do not command a premium during the summer or experience higher summer occupancy rates. Therefore, golfers may find it advantageous to reside in their mountain homes during the golf season and rent them out for the rest of the year.

When considering the value of a luxury Vail Golf Course home as a winter rental, its proximity to the ski slopes and easy access to transportation routes play a crucial role. Understanding the location of ski lifts and bus routes becomes essential as well. For example, the Vail Golf Course neighborhood, known for its gorgeous homes surrounding the course, stands out as a favorite among residents. This is primarily due to the community’s exquisite forested scenery, access to Vail Village and the Golden Peak ski lift, and the convenience of the town bus.

You’ll want to watch for stray golf balls

This particular hazard is especially prevalent if your home is directly adjacent to the course. One of the main concerns is the possibility of stray golf balls causing damage. A golf shot may veer off course and come through one of your windows. To mitigate these hazards, these homes are strategically positioned near tee boxes, behind greens, or in other areas where the likelihood of stray balls or golfers encroaching on your space is reduced. 

Your insurance will likely be higher

Due to the potential risk of stray golf balls, certain insurance companies may impose an additional premium since your home is located in a golf course community. Some insurance providers may even differentiate premiums based on whether your home is near the tee box, green, or fairway. Of course, playing golf on the course yourself allows you to assess the situation firsthand and observe the home's condition and whether it suits you. Some fairways may pose a greater risk than others, and it is not uncommon to come across homes with small divots or dents in their siding caused by golf balls. However, remember that the tradeoff is having a golfing oasis in your own backyard! 

Vail Golf Course luxury homes: Your dream home, made real

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