Cristina Byrne

Cristina was born in Brasov, Romania in Transylvania and grew up under Communist rule. She studied Business Management and worked for the German company Metro, helping them establish new stores throughout Romania. In 2000 she came to the United States to work in the hospitality industry and to study Hotel and Restaurant management. In 2002 she began her work in real estate, beginning in interior design and quickly moving into the acquisition and resale of high-end rental properties. She has been actively involved with numerous properties in Manor Vail and the Vail Mountain View Residences. Her eye for detail and design has led her to a successful real estate career in the Vail Valley.

An avid skier and cyclist she can frequently be found on Vail Mountain with her beloved German Shepard. With development and interior experience she enjoys listening to her clients needs and counseling them on how to find their dream home or improving their property to maximize a sale.

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